Apitherapy for Children Virtual conference 2021

Apitherapy today

Today, apitherapy is also part of apitourism, which has become increasingly popular in recent years and includes visits by beekeepers with presentations of beekeeping in Slovenia and includes culinary tastings of honey products. Apiturism contributes to a better quality of life, educates people and promotes respect and responsibility for the natural, cultural and social environment.

The Commission for Apitherapy, which operates within the Beekeepers ‘Association of Slovenia, and the Section for Apitherapy at the Beekeepers’ Association of Maribor play an important role in promoting apitherapy in Slovenia. The most prominent experts in the field of apitherapy gather every two years at the Congress of Apimondia, organized since 1897 by the World Beekeepers Association. In addition to apitherapists, some doctors also deal with the effects of apitherapy, and the active ingredients of bee products are also found in treatment aids, food supplements and cosmetics.



Translated and edited from the description of the intangible cultural heritage unit in Slovenia (https://www.gov.si/assets/ministrstva/MK/DEDISCINA/NESNOVNA/RNSD_SI/Rzd-02_00079.pdf), by

Nina Ilič, Institute for the Development of Empathy and Creativity ENEJA

Vice President of the Conference