Apitherapy for Children Virtual conference 2021

Apitherapy for Children

Bees, Children and Health


International Online Conference

22nd to 24th of October 2021, Slovenia

Dear friends,

We would like to warmly invite you to participate to the virtual conference: “Apitherapy for Children”. Nowadays people are increasingly turning to nature for help with their health.
By consuming bee products, we strengthen our health and relieve many symptoms of many diseases, and apitherapy is just that, consuming bee products to improve and strengthen our health. For many years, our grandmothers believed that local bee products are a real nature’s treasure for our health. Children are our greatest wealth, and we dedicate this virtual conference Apitherapy for Children “Bees, Children and Health” to them.
Through the international conference we want to show how important Apitherapy for children really is, especially in respect to living a healthy lifestyle, regular consumption of locally produced food with the emphasis on bee products for preventive purposes as well as the use of different bee products to relieve various diseases.

In Slovenia we have a saying: “Kar se Janezek nauči, to Janez zna”, meaning what a little child learns that is what an adult knows. Having that in mind we must at least try to encourage our children to use bee products regularly to a point where it becomes a part of their routine, daily diet. That will affect them as adults. We have to offer our children the best that nature has to offer. Giving them bee products and apitherapy preparations that are locally made is the best and the right choice.

Boštjan Noč, President of the conference

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