Apitherapy for Children Virtual conference 2021


Photo contests will be organised for the following categories:

1) Honeybees and Medicinal Bee Plants and

2) Honeybees and Children.

Each participant in these contests can send a maximum number of three photos.

Each photo should be sent to the organizers in two copies: one signed and one unsigned.

The online presentation of the original (unsigned) photos and the collection of the votes from those present online, will be made in the virtual room of our event. The winning photos (with the authors’ signature on the photo) will be posted on the website of our conference and can be used in any circumstance where there is a need to promote beekeeping, apitherapy and children.

During the conference attendees of the conference evaluated 48 photos, 27 in category Honeybees and Medicinal Bee Plants and 21 in category Honeybees and Children from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Colombia, Romania and Togo. We sincerely thank everyone who sent in the photos.


The best evaluated photos are:

 Honeybees and Medicinal Bee Plants

  1. place Vesna Vodopivec
  2. place Tjaša Slemenšek
  3. place Eva Vidic


Honeybees and Children

  1. place: Špela Paš
  2. Milan Motyka
  3. Milan Motyka